Wisconsin State Golf Association
Abby Auth
Current Index:  26.2NL
Effective:   06/15/2019
The University Club of Milwaukee

Official USGA Handicap Calculation for Abby Auth

The University Club of Milwaukee


Most Recent Scores (Up to 20, including Eligible Tournament Scores)
Used Score Type Date Rating/Slope Differential
* 66 H 6/16 35.6/126 27.3
67 H 6/16 36.4/126 27.4


You have 2 scores available. Each score produces a differential which is calculated as follows: (Score - Rating) x 113 / Slope.

Based on your available scores, the following table will determine the score differentials to be used in calculating your Official USGA handicap Index.

Differentials To Use Table

Scores Available Differential(s) to Use
20 Lowest 10
19 Lowest 9
18 Lowest 8
17 Lowest 7
15 or 16 Lowest 6
13 or 14 Lowest 5
11 or 12 Lowest 4
9 or 10 Lowest 3
7 or 8 Lowest 2
5 or 6 Lowest 1

Lowest 1 Differential(s)

Used Score Type Date Rating/Slope Differential
* 66 H 6/16 35.6/126 27.3

Legend:  A-Away  H-Home  T-Tournament  C-Combined  P-Penalty
Asterisk (*) designates scores that are used for handicap calculation

Official USGA Handicap Index is calculated as follows.
Differentials to Use for 2 Scores1
Sum of 1 lowest differentials27.3
Average based on 1 lowest differentials27.3
Average multiplied by .96 (Bonus for Excellence)26.208
Delete all digits after tenths26.2
Official USGA Handicap Index26.2


This calculation uses all the tournament scores played within the last 12 months or within your last 20-score history regardless of date played. These are called eligible tournament scores and there must be at least 2 eligible tournament scores to continue this calculation.

No eligible tournament scores are posted. The handicap index is not subject to T-Reduction.

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